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Mafatlal Healthcare offers a range of hygiene products across various age groups as per the needs of the consumers. Our brands Coocoo offers Baby Diapers and Baby Pullups for newborn babies and growing kids. Frolica is our brand for female centric hygiene, with an exciting range of Soft Comfort, Maxi and Ultrathin Sanitary Pads. For new mothers, Medimaf has introduced Belted Sanitary Pads. Medimaf also provides a companion to adults, with Adult Diapers, Adult Pullups and Underpads. In Insitutional Segment, we cater to a large market of hospitals with Unichoice which includes Hospital Uniforms, Protective Wearable and Medimaf for Disposable Drapes, Surgical Dressings and other consumables. With a vision of providing excellence and touching more lives at every opportunity, we aim to provide affordable and quality hygiene to all humans.

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